Danish Sociological Conference 2018

S09 Sexual violence: Investigating new problems, variations and grey zones of sexual transgressions
During the last years, the question of whether or not Denmark suffers from an increasing culture of gender violation mirroring incidents of rape and sexual coercion has been a hot topic. The low number of convictions and the complexities of the reported cases has brought about questions to be answered. Further, the intensity of the debate illuminates a need for a clarification as well as renewed considerations over conceptualizations “sexual assault” and “sexual coercion” ranging from grey area cases, digital assaults, rape from intimate partner as well as rapes committed by an offender unknown to the victim. This session investigates concerns that matters both victims and offenders of sexual assaults and sexual violence and intends to shed light on new challenges to our existing understandings of sexual violence.
Organizers of this session:
Marie Bruvik Heinskou, Department of sociology, Aalborg University (mheinskou@socsci.aau.dk)
Date and time:
Friday January 26 from 10.45-12.00
Room 119